Because for many projects confidentiality must be preserved, below you can only find a small public collection of projects in which I contributed as projectmanager.
Since the differences between shaving and grooming appliances are becoming less and less Philips decided to bring these products into one category with a new segmentation. To support this new segmentation a brand new packaging line was created and implemented across all ranges worldwide.
Urogyn is a young and innovative company situated in Nijmegen. They developed a method to reduce the effects of stress-incontinence and for women sterilisation. In support of this method People Creating Value developed a user-friendly and ergonomical medical injection tool which received the award for "Goed industrieel ontwerp" 2013.
Philips Personal Care delivers products which fit the needs of consumers. Since facial hair styles are getting more common Philips introduced a vacuum beardtrimmer which gives the consumer a clean trimming result of their beard by means of an integrated airflow system which catches hairs after trimming.
Philips Personal Care brought professional clipping functionality into the homes of many. This nicely designed hairclipper has a dual trimmer element to facilitate precision clipping and with a multi-function display it gives the user feedback on length and battery status.
Within the bicycle industry "Batavus", being a Dutch bicycle brand, focusses very much on innovation. To facilitate the decision making process within the Management Team, a visual innovation roadmap was created by a multidisciplinary team through a collaborative process. This roadmap included projects, timing, priorities, interdependencies and key decision points and supported the creation of concrete project plans.
In order to relieve people from pain Philips developed a range of Infrared light applications which helps with various pain conditions. The warmth helps to reduce joint stiffness and muscle soreness. In addition, the infrared light strengthens the cardiovascular system and stimulates blood circulation. As a result, waste materials are removed more efficiently.

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